Pacific Farms Gold and Roasted Garlic

The fresh garlic used to produce our Pacific Farms Gold Garlic is grown on large farms under controlled conditions without the use of pesticides. All our garlic is produced from fresh garlic that is wet processed, dried, milled and packaged at the same facility. We do not source garlic flake from the smaller processors. This integrated approach allows for traceability of each production lot from the field to the customer and back. All of our garlic is produced on the same production lines to our rigorous quality standards using HACCP and GMP processes. Pacific Farms Garlic is 100% extra lo-bac, pesticide free, and OU Kosher Certified.

Pacific Farms Gold Garlic is known for its robust garlic flavor and deep golden color. It is specially processed using our own proprietary system to achieve these characteristics. Pacific Farms Gold Garlic can be substituted for California processed garlic and is an excellent value when compared to domestic prices.

Description Pack Size Item Code
Gold Garlic Powder 50# 318-367-1
Gold Garlic Granules 50# 318-366-1
Gold Garlic Ground 50# 318-373-1
Gold Garlic Minced 50# 318-368-1
Gold Garlic Chopped 50# 318-101-1
Gold Garlic Flakes 44# 318-371-1

Pacific Farms Roasted Garlic is made from dried garlic flakes that are roasted to yield a mild nutty flavor and then are milled to size. This garlic is also produced to our exact quality specifications.

Description Pack Size Item Code
Roasted Garlic Powder 50# 318-011-1
Roasted Garlic Granules 50# 318-002-1
Roasted Garlic Minced 50# 318-003-1
Roasted Garlic Chopped 50# 318-004-1

Custom pack sizes available

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