TIERRA BRAVA Dehydrated Instant Bean Flakes

TIERRA BRAVA beans are hand selected and then pressure cooked and drum dried. They rehydrate instantly in warm water providing a rich flavorful bean texture and taste. TIERRA BRAVA beans are all natural and are processed without the use of additional oils or animal fats. Kosher certification can be provided.

TIERRA BRAVA instant bean flakes are available as pinto beans, black beans or garbanzo. As an ingredient, the pinto and black beans make a great base for an instant bean side dish or dip. They can also be used in soup and chili applications to add flavor and solids. The garbanzo beans can be used as a replacement in any application using ground garbanzos such as hummus and falafel.

Packed in heat-sealed poly lined kraft paper bags, TIERRA BRAVA beans are easy to ship, handle, store, and dispose of packaging. No #10 cans or drums to open that can result in metal contamination and create excess waste.

TIERRA BRAVA beans are processed under sanitary conditions using Good Manufacturing Practices. Each production lot is rigorously tested and a COA is provided with each lot shipped. TIERRA BRAVA beans are proudly produced in Mexico and are distributed exclusively in the United States by Pacific Farms.

Description Pack Size Item Code
Black, Small Flake 50 lb Bag 360-102-9
Garbanzo (Chick Peas), Small Flake 50 lb Bag 361-102-9
Pinto, Small Flake 50 lb Bag 362-102-9

Custom drum dried vegetables and fruits may be available upon request, please contact Pacific Farms.

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